So what’s the Symposium all about? ☆

| March 22, 2011

With a philosophy firmly rooted in the belief that creativity is essential in all disciplines and knowledge-oriented societies, The Department of Arts and Humanities will host the Creativity, Imagination and Innovation in Education Symposium this April 28th and 29th at Teachers College. Aimed at both practitioners and scholars, the symposium will explore these concepts in relation to their place in both formal and informal educational contexts.

While creativity and imagination play a vital role in education, it is feared that the current educational climate, so focused on standardized test scores, presents a dangerous environment in which these elements of human development run the risk of being stifled. It is with this in mind that the symposium seeks to offer a sense of hope in the renewal of the critical role that creativity and imagination can play in cultivating innovation in schools and in society as a whole.

Professor Lori Custodero, who is co-chairing the event along with Professor Margaret Crocco, explains another aspect of what the symposium endeavors to accomplish: “I hope that collectively we can inspire and generate ideas around the value of creativity, imagination, and innovation, and actually think about how these new insights might be translated to our educational work.” Find out more about Prof. Custodero’s work merging creativity and education.