A conversation with Symposium co-chair, Professor Margaret Crocco ☆

| April 1, 2011

Professor Crocco, co-chair of the event, shares some thoughts on the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education Symposium:

What’s the goal… and why now?

The Symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about the ways in which creativity, imagination, and innovation function throughout the educational enterprise. Premised on the notion of “ubiquitous creativity” and linking creativity to the notion of critical thinking and problem solving, the Symposium aims at re-asserting the importance of creativity, imagination, and innovation within formal and informal education at time when these cognitive functions seem endangered due to the excessive emphasis on accountability via high stakes tests and its narrowing of the curriculum.

Creativity for everyone, everywhere

Long considered the exclusive province of geniuses such as Mozart and Einstein, modern theorists of creativity emphasize the notion that creativity, imagination, and innovation are widespread and can be nurtured through careful structuring of approaches to learning.

An exciting endeavor

I am most excited about bringing together scholars and practitioners of creativity from inside and outside of Teachers College who bring unique perspectives on creativity, imagination, and innovation to a conversation with educators and interested individuals on these topics and providing an opportunity for experiential activities related to creativity on Thursday night.  And I am also extremely excited that Steven Berlin Johnson will be speaking to the audience on Friday afternoon on his new book, Where Good Ideas Come From–something we all wish to know more about!

Final thoughts

We hope the Symposium will provide attendees with an understanding of what creativity is and how it manifests itself in different disciplinary domains.

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