Food for Thought: An open conversation about creativity

| May 2, 2011

Artist, musician, and arts administrator Eric Oberstein is another creative mind who hosted one of the inter-generational salons on Friday afternoon at the Symposium. A series of questions arose around the incorporation of the arts into the university setting, and on art and creativity in general. Here, I’ll pose some of these questions and mention a few of the responses they elicited. Please feel free to chime in!

How can change be sustained in the university setting?

Shared leadership has to be come a part of the suborganization.

Through tradition building.

Visiting arts faculty usually come in for a specified period of time, do some amazing work with students, and then leave. What’s the value of “one and done?”

Students certainly learn from them while they’re there.

Their positive impact may not be sustained.

How do we take the often mysterious process of art making and creativity and demystify it? How do we create learning experiences for those who want to get involved in art creation?

We’re all artists. We all make art in some form, so if we can structure these processes into comprehensible learning experiences, it will become demystified.

Do you believe in “art for art’s sake” or that art is a means to an end?

How does art reorient our thinking?

“The learning happens in the experience of art making, not necessarily in the final product.” Agree or disagree?