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Creativity and Collaboration: Nick Sousanis on Comics and Classrooms 

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by alex.

On Friday afternoon, comics artist and TC doctoral student, Nick Sousanis, stood in front of a room of educators, art-educators, and artists, and conducted a discussion of the aesthetic, philosophical, and pedagogical elements that go into creating his comics. His images reject simple illustration, instead searching for ways to “use visual metaphor in a narrative …

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Sailing to…where? It’s open for interpretation.  ☆

An old man, scrawny and downtrodden, caught between life and a fast approaching death, reflecting on the beauty of life while pondering the possibility of an afterlife. Sensual music, a golden mosaic, holy fire, an undulating sea, and a heart sick with desire, fastened to a dying animal. The holy city of Byzantium: A mythical …

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