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Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education Symposium

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Interpreting Poetry Through the Visual and Performing Arts  ☆

It has been said that poetry is meant to be performed. When we deliver poems out loud, to an audience, they take on a whole new life. The energy and emotion that a live poem exudes is altogether different than that of a poem read silently to oneself. As one of the Symposium’s Thursday …

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Creating New Worlds with Photomontage  ☆

montage (mɒnˈtɑːʒ, French mɔ̃taʒ) — n 1. the art or process of composing pictures by the superimposition or juxtaposition of miscellaneous elements, such as other pictures or photographs The art of montage can be seen in an array of artistic mediums. Participants in Thursday evening's experiential workshop will explore the interface between montage and photography. …

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Rediscovering the Meaning of “Education” 

"Education" can mean something different for different people. For many of us, the nuances of education have many shades and its implications are varying. The definition of education has morphed through the centuries as humans have made profound discoveries, advancing culturally, socially, and technologically. So what does education mean to you, now, in this day …

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A conversation with Symposium co-chair, Professor Margaret Crocco  ☆

Professor Crocco, co-chair of the event, shares some thoughts on the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education Symposium: What’s the goal… and why now? The Symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about the ways in which creativity, imagination, and innovation function throughout the educational enterprise. Premised on the notion of "ubiquitous creativity" and linking …

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How do I register for the Symposium?  ☆

The Symposium is free for everyone, but registration is required. See the Arts & Humanities website for more details on the schedule of events. Click here to register!

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