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Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education Symposium

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Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Seminar 

Following is something of a Cliffs Notes version of The Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Seminar on Friday, April 29.  TC Professor Megan Laverty thanked the panelists for speaking “…with great diversity and continuity,” which was spot-on praise for the event.  If you attended this seminar and would like to tell us your thoughts, or if …

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University Seminar on Innovation in Education, with Lori Custodero & Margaret Crocco  ☆

Recently, a Columbia University Seminar took place in TC's Gottesman Library to discuss the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education Symposium. Hosted by Ron Gross, the conversation centers around the themes of the Symposium, and such questions as What is creativity and why is it important? What threatens the cultivation of creativity in today's students? …

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Questions of Creativity & Innovation: A conversation with Ron Gross  ☆

Innovation – what is it?  How do we nurture it in K-16 education and adult organizations, especially in an age that puts such a premium on standardization and accountability? How do we “know it when we see it?” Does it look the same around the world? These are some of the questions that will be …

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