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Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education Symposium

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Steven Berlin Johnson: Instead of building cathedrals in learning, we need to learn to build cathedrals  ☆

The anticipation for Steven Berlin Johnson’s closing keynote address was palpable. The celebrated author and Columbia alumnus was about to wrap-up a day and a half of activities, which included experiential workshops, a panel discussion about creativity, intimate midday artistic salons and a lot of conversation in the TC hallways about how to effectively foster …

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Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Seminar 

Following is something of a Cliffs Notes version of The Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Seminar on Friday, April 29.  TC Professor Megan Laverty thanked the panelists for speaking “…with great diversity and continuity,” which was spot-on praise for the event.  If you attended this seminar and would like to tell us your thoughts, or if …

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Creative Haftecks: How would you define Creativity?  ☆

A post about the creativity salon hosted by Dr. Lori Custodero and Claire and Lucie Hafteck, which took place as part of the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Symposium, Friday, April 29, 2011.

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Rediscovering the Meaning of “Education” 

"Education" can mean something different for different people. For many of us, the nuances of education have many shades and its implications are varying. The definition of education has morphed through the centuries as humans have made profound discoveries, advancing culturally, socially, and technologically. So what does education mean to you, now, in this day …

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